8 Best Blogs To Follow : Week#1

8 Best Blogs To Follow : Week#1

Hey folks! I started blogging 2 weeks ago and think about an article to inform you about the best blogs to follow in every week!

Not only experts. There are beginners too!

1. Articles By Victoria Lo

I really love Victoria Lo articles and she wrote an article about Imposter's syndrome and I love that!

2. GreenRoots Blog

Tapas Adhikary is a senior blogger/developer that you must follow.

3. Ayushi Rawat's Blog

Ayushi Rawat has beautiful and interesting python projects that I love.

4. Nishant Gour's Blog

If you are looking to learn python, you must read Python CheetSheet by Nishant Gour

5. Mr. Unity Buddy

Mr.Unity Buddy is a beginner but he has really interesting blog posts. I learned lot from his C++ Cheat sheet and Ruby Cheat Sheet

6. Catalin's tech

We all know about Catalin Pit so no need to talk!

7. git [w]init - a dev blog by vinitshahdeo

I'm sorry if your blog name is wrong Vinit Shahdeo. He is Github star too!

8. Piyush Garg

Piyush Garg build cool apps with node.js. Take a look!

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